“Treats, treats and more treats”

His name is Fraser. He mended our broken hearts and we began to heal. My Dad died over a year ago and we were still in shock 8 months later, so my Mom decided we’d get a puppy. We’d never had an inside dog before and we had to figure out how to train him. Treats, treats and more treats!!

Mom needed someone to love, my brother needed to be entertained and I needed something to do. Fraser fit all the requirements for our little family. The first week we had him I was in charge of house training him and I gave him a lot of treats right after he did his business outside. Over the course of a few weeks all I did was give him treats, treats and more treats. I was in a deep depression but I took him outside constantly and that helped me more than my medication.

He now goes out regularly (and always requires a treat when we get back in the house), plays fetch and takes naps with me.  He’s got a hysterical personality. He still kind of a small guy and he gallops when he runs. We’ve got hard flooring in most of the house and he loves to slide on it when he’s excited or just plain happy.

Mom and I have never had an inside dog but we had a few outside dogs, over 35 years ago, so we didn’t know how attached he’d get to us and we’d get to him. We feel greatly appreciated and know we were missed by him when we walk in the door. Fraser goes nuts to see us whether it’s 15 minutes or 5 hours he’s happy we’re home.

Fraser is worth all the treats we already gave him and the ones we’ve yet to give him. Everyone needs a puppy at least once in their life.



“Again… This still isn’t Brandi’s phone number whether you believe me or not.”

I’ve been getting this unreliable mom’s phone calls for six months. Not only has her dentist office called but her doctor’s office and finally her child’s (or children’s) school contacted me. I shouldn’t be answering unknown numbers, but it happens on occasion. I know the majority of the callers don’t believe me when I explain that I’m not Brandi nor do I know her. How can someone not be available for her child or children while they’re at school? This is extremely bad parenting. If these calls had begun in the last week or 10 days I could understand, but this has been my phone number for about 6 months. That’s 6 months of not adulting very well. I hope her child wasn’t hurt or ill because her mother wouldn’t have any way to find out.  Brandi probably never got in touch with her brother either. Come on Brandi get it together.




“Winning at Technology When You’re not Technically Inclined”

Recently my desktop computer crashed three times in a week. I’m basically ignorant of computers, but today I’m winning at technology since I can use Google. My settings were incorrect for automatically downloading any updates for Windows. My old desktop is a nice HP but it’s running on Windows 8.1 and it won’t update to Windows 10. I’ve restored to an earlier date twice and set it back to factory default settings one time. What I’ve learned from this is that I can Google on my phone or tablet how to troubleshoot my PC. I consider this winning at technology.

I eventually figured out how to start my computer in safe mode and used the recovery options offered without having any type of backup of my media files. I’ve been procrastinating about making my recovery discs or a USB drive for almost 5 years. You’d think I’d get myself in gear and do it, but I always forget to buy a flash drive to use for the process. I’m becoming pretty good at the backup and restore from an earlier date but it takes all the patience I possess to get it done. I want to avoid the factory reset if at all possible because it takes me back to Windows 8 and around 150 updates need to be installed before getting back to Windows 8.1 on my old desktop computer.

“I’m still winning at technology at least for today.”

Searching the Google Search Engine

My sons have always had the ability of getting information off some type of computer, whereas I grew up with the Dewey Decimal System and encyclopedia’s to access any information I needed.  I’m just grateful my sons taught me how to use Google since I taught them how to eat with a spoon (written with extreme sarcasm).  I think I need to check on the prices of USB drives before I forget.



“My Inner Child is a Super Hero”

My inner child comes out when I watch any super hero movie. No matter how old I or my sons get will always watch them together. Captain America is my beloved character!! Youth is a state of mind is one of my favorite quotes, I just wish I could always remember who said it.

“Google logo’s for Google images.”

I’ve pretty much filled up my phone and computer with logo’s. I’m thinking that I might need an intervention!!

I started out needing a Facebook logo and became obsessed with all kinds of them. I like the Google images that are drawn by hand and not computer generated.

A few of these were drawn by kids and they’re not only beautifully designed but each is unique unto itself. I Google almost all of my images except for the ones I come across on social media, blogs I read or anywhere online.




“I used to talk too much, but now I listen.”


My nickname was Gabba-GayleGabby or Gab. I do NOT miss those awful nicknames and I’ll never forget them. I know they don’t apply to me or my personality anymore, but they continue to haunt me. I haven’t been called by any of them for a few years now.  I’m often asked if anything is wrong because I don’t join in all the conversations going on around me instead I’m listening to what is being said and who is saying it. I tend to listen intently to what’s left unsaid since it speaks volumes to my gut instincts. During the quiet moments of any conversation you can learn more about the other person or persons than you can by what is being said out loud. I was always chattering about nothing of importance out of nervousness to whomever was sitting next me at any time. Now I appreciate and find solace in the quiet that envelopes me most of the time. I like knowing that I don’t need to blather on about mundane topics with relentless chatter to make myself and someone else feel comfortable.  I’ve realized that during some conversations, there’s an uncomfortable pause, but it passes and it goes back to feeling normal.

With age comes a maturity to acquire more quiet years that say more than the talkative years. I find myself listening to my sons with more patience now than when they were my little guys. I wish I could’ve been able to do that for them while they were growing up. My youngest has a little bit of a complex that I’m not listening to what he’s actually saying to me. I’m trying to change my habit of talking while he’s talking to just listen to him until he’s finished speaking.   Most of the time my oldest son doesn’t mind that we can both talk and listen at the same time, except there’s always going to be the occasion that he needs me to listen with my undivided attention. I’ve noticed that my Mom repeats herself if I don’t comment on what she’s saying and I think that’s because she was my appointed chatterbox person while I was growing up. I only jibber jabber with my sons these days and they can appreciate it.



“Where my mad grammar skills come from.”

I’m actually giving an awesome review, but I’ll consider it bragging about my mad grammar skills. Since I came across this app in the Google Play Store on the Editor’s Choice list I’ve used it ever since. The developers of Ginger Software have gotten their smart keyboard and Ginger page put together extremely well. There’s features included with your free download that provide you with different options to choose from with the features included.

The most helpful action is the counter that indicates how many errors you’ve made and it’s located on the top right corner of all touchscreen keyboard. There’s a notification area that checks the errors as you write, on punctuation, grammar, spelling and vocabulary. You also get a personal dictionary you can add any words to it that you use regularly. A favorites list to save your work and be able to finish any ongoing projects at any time. Synonym checker with the definitions, how to use the word properly in a sentence and whether it should be used as a noun, adverb, verb, etc. The most fantastic feature is one that helps with sentence structure and improves your knowledge of the English language, improves your personal writing and publishing skills. Organizes your sentence structure in a manner appropriate for the type of project at hand and whatever task you’re working on at the moment. It’s especially helpful for me by using proper grammar in my vocabulary daily. Even my verbal language skills have been improving. I’ve been using an extension, downloaded from the Microsoft Windows Store, on my Hewlett Packard Home PC that still runs on Windows 8.1 to get quick access of Ginger Software. My two tablets, one that’s a 2012 Samsung Tab 2.0 and a 2015 Kindle Fire, are also compatible to use with it.

I depend on this application for all forms of written communication from text messages, personal or professional emails, social media and I usually write in my blog mostly using the mobile app. I’ve used the Ginger software smart keyboard on all three of my last phones. My older Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t a phone I care for, but using the Ginger Software smart keyboard app and Ginger Page makes it easier to tolerate this one until I get my next phone.

There are some helpful features that can be purchased through the app itself or from your devices app store. It’s amazing how much can be done using just one tap to your touchscreen. Most phones, tablets, home PC’s and laptops are capable of correcting with just a mouse click on the highlighted areas. It automatically corrects your errors for a set amount of times per month. I’ve purchased some of the extra features offered, discounts or sales, since I first started using this app. It was exceedingly easy to set up, then figure out how to use it. It’s excellent for writing personal and professional emails, for your social media accounts, updating resumes and projects you’re interested in starting. Styling my keyboard made me more comfortable using it and I’m learning how to create with my mind and hands.

This keyboard has been the easiest one I’ve had to personalize. It perfectly fits my needs and Ginger software developers have provided simple formats for the public to use every day. You’ll create your keyboard using the format you like, style it any color offered on the color wheel, use your personal pictures, or an image you find aesthetic. Most importantly, you can make it easy to see from reading comfortably and to help navigate you through the app until you remember most of what it does. You’ll be immediately ready for your keyboard layout and style to be the way you want it. You get to choose whatever you want to use on the keyboard and then the things you don’t use, leave them off your in the keyboard settings. It’s extremely user friendly for editing anything that you have typed out. It’s great for your personal use or for business, whatever way you want to use it.

You get it the way you want it to be all the time. There’s also a smart bar across the top of the keypad, for switching between apps you’re currently using. You can get to another app quickly when you’re multitasking. You’ll be able to go back and forth between the apps you’re using with ease. I’m not sure how I managed before I figured out how awesome this smart bar has been. It comes with a memo pad, a search engine that uses your default browser, offers games and has a theme shop accessible from the keyboard. You don’t have to go through the app drawer in your device or to the icon each time you use it. There’s some free apps that can be downloaded from your app store that are compatible to use with this the smart bar.

I love that I can access any of my Google Keep accounts, Messenger and my device’s stock text messaging app from my keyboard with any device I’m currently using,. I can use Outlook, Gmail and Google+ accounts to login or my accounts with all the Ginger Page. I use it every day. I have a choice of convenient shortcuts to benefit everything I use with this Ginger Software Smart Keyboard. Links are below.







Edited  on February 5, 2018 7:03 am