Dark Angels

I’ve been collecting images of the Dark  Angels  long enough to use up several gigabytes of storage from several photography app’s.  They’re too beautiful and fasinating to discard or delete from all of my storage.  I hope at least one person enjoys these images. 




2 Replies to “Dark Angels”

  1. You will never forget but you Will find the treasure buried in the grief. All the Happy sly smiles that will rise to the top when memories that only belong to you float to the surface above the heaviness of grief. They will float like a veil to temporarily cover the pain of loss. A reminder that they were here and hold a part of you nothing can diminish. We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses that cheer us on to grab on to the future hoping their input will be the push we need to overcome the minute. The hour the day
    Never gone always waiting to see how we finish our chapter. Finish well my friend I know the attributes you are working with you are writing a best seller. All my love dear one. ……..M

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