“Coffee became date number two”

So Mr. Coffee and I had another date. We went out for dinner over the weekend and took a long drive. It was a really nice summer evening that accompanied us on our country cruise. I like the way he talks. A lot. His twang is more from the deep south than Indiana. He’s definitely got those southern gentleman manners to match his southern accent. He’s got a great sense of humor and really is the definition of a nice guy.  Considering I’m 49 years old that I’ve actually dated one too many of those Bad Boys and a few of the Mr. Nice Guys. My opinion is that the Mr. Nice Guy is the best to date if you don’t want to play mind  games since they won’t leave you hanging or guessing what’s going on. They actually show you they’re interested and you usually know where you stand with them. But those Bad Boys used to be my favorite until I got to know that they played dating games. Not to mention they’ve never cared if you were looking for more than a night out somewhere.  Or should I say a night out alone where no one saw you two together. So those unreliable Bad Boys usually get stuck with Unstable Girls.  You know the kind of woman you won’t be friends with because of the principle of the matter. You’re not friends with that kind of crazy.

Mr. Nice Guy sometimes isn’t all that fun, but you can count on him in ways those Bad Boys can’t even comprehend. Mr. Nice Guy likes to make a plan to see you and he’s  good for  his word.

All parents love the Mr. Nice Guy you introduce to them especially Momma’s.

I know this because I’ve raised two sons that are 19 and 20 years old. One is Mr. Nice Young Man, he’s 19, who’s in a long term relationship. There’s also his brother the Butthead Young Man, he’s 20, who’s still single.  My sons are very polite and well mannered. Except they’re Buttheads like most of the male species I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. One just a little bit more than the other.




The Free Style Writing Challenge

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I found this challenge and took it on my own. I nominate these bloggers to take this challenge if they haven’t already. I’m not sure if I created a Pingback for this post.

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I’ve been day dreaming about a journey on a train,  but the trains won’t stop for passengers where I live. I dream of the sway of the cars and long lost whistle blows. I wave to unseeing eyes of all those who we pass on this journey of a million places. I can see into the world of travelers that I’m not alone on my train journey. I visit some place new every night as my eyes close to the sound of the heavy cars rumbling down the tracks. I gaze upon the night time sky as the train rockets through the mist in land I’ve never seen before.  As I wake up to a bright morning sky filled with clouds of blue I began my daily dream of traveling on my train journey. 

number of words in 10 minutes: 134

“The Train Journey”














So here goes the RULES of this challenge:

  1. Open an MS Word document
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New topic is “One Rainy Night“ 

I’m not this stupid, am I?

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Pingback my ass!!

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“Dad’s Rules”

The way I make my daily decisions is the way my Dad taught me about how to get things done right the first time.

Here’s a few of my Dad’s the teachers life lessons: 

1) To be a better person today than I was yesterday, and pray to be even better tomorrow. 

2) To always help someone in need because there may not be anyone else who will or can do a good deed just because it needs to be done. 

3) Be understanding and thoughtful with your words, not all scars are visible. 

4) Always be kind to others since you haven’t walked in any shoes but your own.

5) Always have something to read, share your books and don’t forget the book you’re reading when you go on a vacation.  



These rules from the classroom should be used by all adults throughout their lifetime. 

• Listen carefully 

• Follow directions 

• Never give up

• Raise your hand to speak (occasionally this helps)

• Respect others

• Use kind words

• Always do your best 

• Help each other 

• Treat others the way you want to be treated

• Ask questions 

“From their lips to God’s ears” 

I often procrastinate, usually justify it or rationalize why I have no time to blog since my Dad died unexpectedly. He collapsed on January 3, 2017 around noon and that’s actually when his soul left us for a better place than here. His body died on January 7, 2017. His broken body remained behind here on Earth, but it wasn’t the Dad I knew and loved. His soul was housed in a shell that was his human body. His soul didn’t die, but his shell was too broken to continue life as we knew it to be. I can almost hear him in my mind, but sadly I’m forgetting how his voice sounded. Knowing he’s in a better place now and waiting for us where it’s not hard to be his old self makes it somewhat easier on my heart. Like he was before his stroke with no struggles or worries and no more constant pain. He’s got a cooler full of ice cold Bud Light on his golf cart, at a heavenly course somewhere warm with all his buddies that passed on before he did. He’s in good company with his crooked little smile on his face and laughing about how life isn’t fair.

My grief is unbearably private, lonely and cannot be said out loud for fear of choking on my screams or the inability to stop them. My life completely changed in less than three minutes, but it took four days for my Dad to have his final peace. We had a priest come and read the sacrament of the sick and dying, also known as The Last Rites, which comforted my Grandma with her devotion to her religion. I might have bungled the name of the prayer, but I know his sisters also said their rosaries. These timeless acts of religion done in devotion in the name of love were from their lips to God’s ears.



“Hometown Hero”

My Dad was a junior high school science teacher, head coach of the varsity football team and coached various other sports over his years before he retired from a rural county school. It’s on the south end of Henry County, Indiana and he was proud to be called a Tri High Titan. He was a valued mentor for both students and football players. They were considered “his kids” as much as my brother and I am his kids. One was a girl he called Jethro and I’ll never forget about her. I’m clueless about her actual name. They didn’t always want to hear what had to say to them, but they still listened to his words of wisdom from years of life experience. His pearls of wisdom to those he called his own, will be remembered for the rest of their lives. He helped and encouraged students, sports players and young adults both on or off the football field or in and out of his classroom. My Dad was a rock solid man and he was my hero. Sometimes a hero to people only Dad knew about.  Often times he took kids under his wing whether they knew it or not at the time is unclear except for the love and respect that has been shown to him in life as well as in death. I didn’t realize just how many lives my Dad touched till after the stories we heard at the funeral home, and the private memories shared with my Mom, Grandma and I. A memorial scholarship has been set up in his name. It’s for the average student to get a start on college or life. He’d be extremely proud of it.