My Dad and my ice cream

I was lucky enough to get to go to Florida in October of 2017 with both of my parents (Betty & Denny), my brother (Dale) and my oldest (Luke) son. We went in their RV and pulled the van behind us on a dolly. My first vacation in 7 years and I had an excellent time with my family. I did things with my Dad, I hadn’t done in over 10 years.

Dad loved to substitute teach after he retired. He lovedhis kidsout there.

He made a special point of taking me out for ice cream several times. I guess I scared him when I told him “I’ll drink your beer if I don’t get my ice cream pretty damn quick” because he took us all out to an old fashioned ice cream parlor that evening. It was located in the downtown historical Winter Garden and it was the best chocolate with frozen swirled peanut butter ice cream I’ve ever had. We walked along the cobblestone streets and window shopped. Then took a long ride around a massive lake and walked out onto the boardwalk to look for gators. A perfect day to be outside enjoying the sun and each others company. That trip has given me memories that will always be in my heart and they’ve touched my soul. I’m typing through my tears just wishing I could go with Dad for one more ice cream. I miss you Dad. Don’t forget to take the time to tell your loved ones how much you care about them. Life is over in the blink of an eye.



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I’ve been wanting to write on my WordPress blog for a while, but wasn’t sure what to write I‘ve got a fun Facebook page that’s therapeutic. My blog is about how my life could easily be a sitcom about Karma biting my ass daily. I like to write about the hippie culture and whatever has kept my attention during my chaotic dayI used to write short stories and poetry, but that’s been over 20 year’s ago. Before I became a Mom. Recently I had to keep my finger away from both of my tablets and phones on hiatus because my hands were going numb. I’ve been using these Android app’s on all three of my electronic devices. WordPress has blogging app’s and I use the Ginger smart keyboard app. It has a plethora of features. It corrects grammar, spelling and your sentence context. It has a personal dictionary, synonym finder and pages to write your first drafts of any writings. There’s other features I haven’t mentioned that are amazing.  I’ll put the link to it on here if possible.  I’m a recovering addict that’s also a bipolar.  I get stuck in my head and go a little crazy at times. It sucks the life right out of me when I go days without sleeping.  I finally accepted that I’m okay with my kind of crazy. I’m medicated by a good doctor. He’s very serious about treating my bipolar disorder, depression and manic episodes.  I own my crazy like how I’m becoming the Queen of the asylum.  I’m a goofy kind of a funny. I’m sarcastic, but I don’t intend to purposely hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m sensitive to other peoples emotions. I like to laugh and be around happy people. I like ice cream too. It doesn’t judge me and no stupid questions are asked either. 

I‘ve got a fun Facebook page where I can post f-bombs whenever I want too without offending my Mom. (AKA *Ajax*) Because I can do whatever I want with it and ban anyone not acting right. Now I hear that ice cream calling my name. Till next time I’m blogging may you all be blessed with ♪Peace♥Love♪Music♥Laughter♪


Their Pap

Pap, Tristan & Nana 2016

To have mutual respect for humanity is a good life for all of us. Living our days by a code of respect, honor, truth and responsibility unto yourself and others. That’s what life is about and how it leaves a legacy behind for all of our loved ones, our family members and friends that became our family. We’ve got to lead by example on what true respectability means or the future generations won’t understand any of these values.  We should be humble when giving respect and then being gracious when receiving it. Always respect yourself first and others will be respectful to you. Respect for yourself is a priority for everyone’s. People will follow by example on how to show respect and how it feels to be respected in return. Respect and honor all of your people, whether it’s family or friends. People need to teach values to all children. Respecting your people who share love with you and that are a part of your life is a rewarding way to spend a lifetime.  Spend quality time with all of your parents, grandparents and family members and learn from their experiences.  

Nana, Luke & Pap 2015

By a random blogger

You held me, But I am still standing, You tied me, But I’m still walking, You drowned me, But I breathe under water, You can break me, But my pieces would suffice me. You whisper- When darkness surrounds me, Like a coward, Hiding whilst there’s lighting. You create- Illusions around me, Unaware- My Lord’s, all […]

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“My Dad the happy camper”

I was lucky enough to get to go to Florida in October of 2016 with both of my parents, my brother and my oldest son. We went in their RV and pulled their van behind us on a car dolly. My first vacation in 7 years. My Dad died in January of 2017 and looking back on that trip so many things happened for a reason. I made memories to last a lifetime.  That’s all life really is about just making memories with the people who love you and ones that you love.  Life will change drastically in less than 5 minutes.  Enjoy every morning you wake up, tomorrow is never promised. I miss you Dad!!
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